WIP-Ice-Caker-7Finished the border on “Ice Caker”.  Just the table left to do.

Dye-Prep-B Dyeing-prep-APreparing for this week’s dyeing sessions.  Ripping up fabric and soaking it, ready for the last tan and some reds.

I have been jigging around with my schedule in iCal.  It is very informative to look at what I plan and what actually happens.  I seem to be easily distracted.  We will see if I can do any better this week.

The plan for the week is to hunker down and get some rug hooking done.  The last couple of months it has been very difficult to find time to do the work.  With summer approaching a lot of my usual commitments have ceased.  That, plus the students I tutor in English are finding their way into the community and needing less of my time.  This fall I plan to be a bit more judicious in what I take on.  I simply need the time to rug hook, spin, and dye.  Period.

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