Summer-readingI find it important to look at other disciplines and media in order to grow as an artist.  As such I not only hold subscriptions to rug hooking and spinning magazines, but also to art magazines such as “International Artist”.  I garner ideas for inspiration and methodology for approaching my rug art.  Today I spent time going through some past issues of IA, noting ideas for future reference.

Better than reading a magazine is to wander the local art galleries for ideas.  I take my sketchbook and note ideas in the car between stops.  Sometimes I sketch sample compositions.

The composition for “Ice Caker” was modeled after a painting I saw at the Assiniboia Gallery in Regina, SK.  I have no recollection of who the artist was, and the piece has long since sold.  But whoever it was, I thank them for solving my compositional dilemma.

I spent part of this morning doing Internet searches for old artist friends that were involved in the Airdrie Artist Guild with me many years ago.  The Guild is now defunct.  I was pleasantly surprised to find several have done quite well since the early ’90s.  I was prompted to look them up because I finally have some of their early pieces framed to put on the walls here.  It is interesting to see the progression of an artist’s style over the years.  I have pieces spanning 10 years for one artist, and spanning 20 or 30 for another.  I am left wishing I had the resources to purchase some of their current pieces.  But my, how expensive their art has become!  I am so happy for them, but sad for me.  🙁

I am busy dyeing wool swatches again today.  The last tan is cooling on the stove.  This afternoon I plan to start dyeing reds.  🙂  I love red, so this is going to be FUN!  I cannot get over the lovely colours I am dyeing.  The photos on this blog in no way do them justice.  I just cannot seem to catch the vibrancy of the colours with my camera.  I imagine it is my lighting.  I am often shooting in the evening.

Well, it’s back to dyeing wool…’talk’ to you all later. 🙂

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