Dye-Day-30B Dye-Day-30CDye-Day-30ADye Day 30 results.  These photos are the same swatches taken with flash, without flash, and outside in the shade.  They all look totally different and none of them approach the real colour of the swatches.   Sigh.

You will notice there is no red.  I found a section on plums and wines before the reds.  So I am dyeing plums and wines until they are finished.

Today I dyed the last swatch set for the week.  I also recorded these swatches in my dye record keeping book.

For rug hookers new to dyeing I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping records.  If you run out of a colour halfway through a rug, you can repeat the dye formula and continue merrily on your way.  Without the dye formula you are left with a lot of experimentation or fudging the design to make the rug ‘work’.

Not only that, but dye formulas give you an idea of where to start when you try to ‘get close’ to a colour.

I have had some people ask me why I am dyeing all these little swatches.  It is for exactly the above reason.  I want to know where to start when I have a colour or atmosphere in mind for a rug.  I also want to know what colours my dyes can give me.

Well it’s off to make supper.  I have a hungry boarder prowling my kitchen. 😆

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