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My boarder showed an interest in spinning, so we went upstairs and I showed her my fiber stash.  Then brought her downstairs with some wool and a drop spindle to try her hand at drop spindle spinning.  We started out with the beginner’s Park and Draft method.

She was very nervous and anxious about it.  All beginner’s want perfect results to start with. It just doesn’t work out that way folks.  Your first yarn is usually a lumpy, bumpy mess.  But she was doing much better than that.  However she confessed she was tense and sweating and thought she should quit.  Ah well.  Another day maybe.

Me?  I am working on the second bobbin of the pink/cream/tan silk/Merino blend.  It is looking gorgeous.  But not for rug hooking.  It will be far too thin.  I am thinking a shawl or nice silk/wool scarf would be gorgeous knit from it.

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