spinning-1 spinning-2 spinning-3 Spinning-4 spinning-5Yes, that is fibre being stored in a plastic bag!  A big no-no.  It is brand new and being used as we speak.  Lucky boarder gets to spin Merino on her first try!  I will probably have to finish the job.  Looks like the boarder has caught my cold.  Drats!

As you can see from the photos I did not completely fill my first bobbin of the silk/Merino blend.  I try to spin my bobbins evenly and then ply them, hoping against hope they end up roughly the same length.  From the looks of the pile of fibre yet on the floor I may get lucky with this.  Or I may be putting the first bobbin back on to finish spinning leftover fibre.

I am feeling a bit better.  Pulled a few more loops on “Mud Fight”.  Not enough for another photo though.

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