to work on “Mud Fight” today.  But things got derailed when I laid down for “a short nap” and slept *3 hours*!!!  Man alive!  At any rate, I am up and well rested for sure now.

I think I will spend some time cleaning up the sunroom and gearing up for “Mud Fight’s” final stage – the sky and border.

Also want to check and see what colours I have for hooking more stars.  I have a shop that will want some this fall, and I will want some to sell at Wintergreen this year.  So I will be switching to stars.  I think I will hook some star ornaments as well.

My next big gig is the local Queen City Ex, happening July 31 – Aug. 4th.  If you’re in Regina, stop by the Home Crafts exhibit in Banner Hall at the Exhibition Grounds and say ‘hi!’  I will be there all five days demonstrating rug hooking.  There will also be spinners, knitters, embroiderers and quilters.

Looking forward to seeing people!  Have a great day.  I’m off to clean up! 😆

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