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Finished a few Prairie Sky rugettes during the Exhibition.  Here are the last two or three from Sunday.  Demonstrated to over 225 people in five days!  I am tired!  Taking today to recuperate. 🙂

Spent this morning cleaning up my sunroom studio and putting things back in place.  It looks as messy as usual!  I am taking a break currently.  Will have to get back to it soon.

I always find demonstrating at Exhibition an exciting experience.  People come at rug hooking with no preconceived ideas and are curious and open to learning.

There are a few people who come with attitude, but not many.  One lady told me to give “the finger” to the Craft Council for suggesting I line my rugs to appeal to the consumer.  Many rug hookers would be aghast at both suggestions.  But as I hook on linen and am lining with 100% cotton, I am not so concerned.  Both of them breathe, to my knowledge.

However, that being said, I am only lining small rugs that are ornaments, and rugs that are part of the poetry series…so I can attach the poem to the back of the rug neatly.  I think I’m too much of a purist in that, as a knowledgeable rug producer I know a knowledgeable consumer would want to see the back of my rugs to make sure it was hooked properly.

Many times at Exhibition I wished I had another rug hooker beside me to help demonstrate and to spell me off for meals.  Thankfully there were some friendly spinners nearby to watch over my booth while I ate.  I am hoping some of the people who wanted lessons will actually phone me and arrange something, so next year there are more people to help.

Next up is writing a lesson plan for a dye day class.  But more on that tomorrow… 🙂  Back at the cleaning today!

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