Sunset-3Finished another Prairie Sky rugette.  Moving on to other things for a while.  Talked with a local gallery owner and they want to sell my work.  They are also interested in my abstract pieces.  That both surprises me and pleases me.  So I will work on pure colour play and composition for a while. 🙂  I love colour play! 😆

Decided on a hanging system for these small rugs.  I’m going with bellpull hangers.  I can find a type where I can use the two ends for two separate rugs.  So an outlay of $6.50 for 2 hangers for rugs is not bad in my books.  This is a simple system that will require sewing a sleeve on the backs of the rugs, but that takes all of 10 minutes.

I phoned the shop selling the bellpull hangers and ask they put in an order for 10 packages for me.  That will be a month’s supply.  And told them to set aside all the other hangers they have of that type and size.  I will go in tomorrow and pick them up.

Four abstract rugs are drawn on backing as we speak.  I will work on these and hopefully have some serious work ready to drop off by mid-week.

The lady at the shop was already asking about Christmas items for sale.  I told her about my stars.  I am doing 6″ as well as 3″ ones.  The smaller ones will be finished as ornaments.  The larger ones will be finished for house decorations.  This looks promising.

So I think I will stop there when it comes to looking for galleries to sell my work in…for now.  I have one in Saskatoon, one in Regina, and I will be selling at Wintergreen.  That’s enough for now.  I’m very afraid of taking on too much too soon.

I need to focus on Wintergreen next.  There’s a steep learning curve for that.  I do not own a cell phone or know how to operate one, and I need some kind of device to process debit and credit cards for Wintergreen.  Not only that, but in checking into Mobile Processing Systems I discovered I actually need to set up a business bank account somewhere too.  This is getting serious!  🙂

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