Trees-1Finished my first small abstract piece since my Deanne Fitzpatrick class Wild With Style.  I find abstract challenging at times.  Some people find it easy.  I love playing with colour and composition, but sometimes I hook myself into a corner and cannot get out!  Today I did just that.  Originally the piece looked like this:

Trees-AI loved the light green lines, but the one on the side was just drawing too much attention.  By shortening it I changed the entire focal point of the piece to the ‘noose’ in the top green line.

While I am not 100% happy with this little piece (there is always room for improvement), I am sufficiently pleased with it to work on my next piece.  I am undecided as to whether to call it Canola, and work it all in yellows, or Fields, and mix in purply-blue for the flax and yellow for the canola…  Hmm…think I’ll sleep on it tonight.


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