PS-Paisley-4I finished hooking “Cumulus 3” and “Paisley 4” yesterday as well.  Why the numbering?  Well apparently these little rugs are hot little numbers in the two stores I sell in.  I decided to number them as they are all a bit different, but the same in other ways.  I do not expect to be hooking these forever.  We will see how they sell and what the shop owners think.  I think I would grow bored of hooking only these though, and am glad for the one shop that has asked for other styles of rugs as well.

Today is shaping up to be a busy day.  I am off taking the boarder driving, and then tutoring a mom and son in English.  Followed by some rug hooking I hope!  And then to the MacKenzie with a friend to give her a tour of the Dimensions exhibit.  Then home for lots more hooking.  I am hoping to finish another two rugettes by tonight, but we shall see.

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