imageimageimageimageI have been relaxing with David Allen’s Ready for Anything. I started the book over a year ago! I really do not have much time to read. I have found Mr. Allen’s books worth the effort though. Project and time management are huge issues for me. I struggle with too many things to do at once, and too many people wanting a piece of me. Usually it ends up that no one is satisfied…including me! Hopefully I can implement some ideas from the book.

Today I took a trip into a different culture. Our city is hosting a Middle Eastern Bazaar. I ambled over and was treated to the sights of sari silk for a fairly reasonable price. I picked up the lovely six yard piece above for use in ocean/beach scenes. It is so beautiful I am almost reluctant to cut or tear it up! Almost… 😆

Today I spent time sketching new rugs for Christmas. I am hooking star rugs next week, and then onto something else. As long as there are about five star rugs for each sales venue at a time, I think everyone will be happy.

I was sorting through my studio today and decided to pull out the labels for the other rugs I am finishing off. I think today I will pick up more dowelling for hanging them and then they will be ready to go to the stores.

This afternoon promises to be a lazy afternoon. I may just hang out with some friends again, or check out new furniture for the living room and TV room. Hmmm…choices. 🙂

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