Today is hot, hot, hot!  Lovely summer weather! 🙂

Spent some time chatting up a local shop owner.  Took some more rugs in for their inventory.  They cannot display all of them at once, but that is okay.  They have some for back up.  Now we wait and see what sells.

Well…they wait I suppose. No waiting for me!  I am onto hooking Christmas rugs now.  I will save the remaining Prairie Sky rugs for Wintergreen. And hook more abstract rugs, stars, and winter scenes.

Had my homestay student to the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame this morning.  We had a great time doing the activities I printed off the Internet for the Hall of Fame.  I thanked the lady there for the activities they posted online.  It makes it a lot easier for those of us with little sports background to take interested kids through the Hall of Fame.

Walked there and back and, once home, had my student do some grammar exercises, reading, and vocabulary work.  He struggles quite a bit with English.  I push him quite mercilessly.  He takes it well.  He is used to studying all day at home.  So he thinks he is having it easy here when I push him in the morning and let him watch a movie in the afternoon.  Truth be told, the movie is all in English, and he has to understand it to get the gist of what’s going on.  So I view it as English practice…painless English practice. 🙂

Tonight we will play more board games to get his brain thinking in English.  He wants to learn how to play CLUE™.  A little bit of deductive reasoning never hurt a 12 year old! 😀

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