Today has been a busy day.  Hubby was off work this morning.  We took our homestay student and ran errands.  I educated hubby about keeping track of car mileage for the business.  I tucked a small notebook in the car dash specifically for that.

This afternoon I drove hubby to work. The homestay student and I visited the library and checked out a book on Canada’s government.  We read the book together before heading off to Government House to explore the role of the Lieutenant Governor in Saskatchewan.

Came home exhausted a couple of hours later.  Lots of reading.  The heat is really zapping my energy right now too.  There is something to be said for a good long nap!  I took one while our student watched an English movie.

Currently our student is busy playing the various instruments he brought with him and picking out tunes by ear.  It is an interesting process to watch and listen to.  He is a very talented 12-year-old.

I am still hoping to fit in some rug hooking tonight, but it might be difficult.  We have some lessons to do this evening, and then a trip to pick up hubby from work.  Will not be back till bedtime I am thinking.  I might stay up late and hook a bit.  My fingers are itchy… 🙂

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