PS-Altocumulus-3The last of the Prairie Sky series for the foreseeable future. 🙂  I will be working Christmas rugs until the end of October.  Then taking some time to finish some personal projects like “Mud Fight” and “Lost Soul”, and more rugs in the poetry series.  I also have to start thinking of rugs for spring next year.

Today I took my homestay student to visit a nearby couple of Canadian Iranian immigrants.  We visited and talked and enjoyed some fresh fruit.  I took some fresh tomatoes from our patio garden to them.  They gave us some potato salad to bring home.  We had the opportunity to talk about the Middle East.  I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of English the couple has acquired this summer.  I used to tutor them until about a month ago, when I became too busy.

I had the opportunity to chat with my student on the way home about the importance of visiting people who do not have much company and are alone in a new country.

Had some different writing exercises for my student to do.  I am trying to change things up a bit so he does not grow bored.  He has been doing worksheets, creating his own word lists, and then writing based on them.  He is a very practical young man.  He prefers non-fiction to fiction, and it shows.  🙂  After playing some on the piano and eating lunch he is downstairs watching another English movie right now.

Of course, while he is doing that, I am rug hooking. 🙂



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