star 10 star 11 Star 12 Star 14Today is the last day for our homestay student.  I hope he has learned more English than he had when he came.  He says he does not have to translate in his head anymore.  That is good.  I ran him through a pretty intense program for a 12-year-old.

He did watch a movie every day.  I was wicked and had him write about them this morning.  He did a ‘best’ and ‘worst’ type of exercise.

I think he learned quite a bit this week.  I want to get him to the Farmer’s Market this morning before we go see a garage sale.  His parents are coming at noon to pick him up.

As for hooking…I was able to start another star yesterday.  Plus I managed to take photos for my portfolio of a lot of the small rugs I have hooked since Exhibition.  I accidentally let some slip out to shops before catching them with the camera.  Ah well.  I need to set up a routine for that.  Thankfully I take ‘in progress’ pictures when I am done hooking, before the edges are finished.  At least if I crop I have something to put in my portfolio.

Looking forward to a bit of hooking today.  Want to finish my star.  Should take a half hour.  Then I do not know…maybe clean up a bit, maybe visit with a friend.  I need to go to a local lumber store for more doweling for hanging my rugs.

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