Yesterday was a lazy day around here.  My students I was supposed to tutor canceled out, saying I needed a vacation on Labor Day.  Sounds good to me!  I took it!

Dowels-1So instead… I picked up some more dowels for my hanging system on my rugs, picked up some stepping stones for the garden, and a few groceries for an evening dinner with a friend.  Also went walking the banks of the Creek, and then proceeded to take a 2 hour nap!  I guess when you need it, you need it! My goodness…

Spent the remainder of the afternoon designing rugs and preparing for another dinner guest.  Had a great time with a young friend playing games in the evening.  He confessed he felt nervous speaking English around me.  I tutor English as a Second Language and his English is not very good.  I have to be careful not to over correct, or he shuts right up and stops talking.  He is very shy.  Hubby started talking to him and they had a grand time.  It was my turn to shut up and just let them go at it. 🙂  Some visits are like that.

2-BBQI hope we see our young friend again soon.  He plays a mean game of SCRABBLE.  Tonight we taught him how to play CLUE.  It will be nice to chat with him again sometime.  I suspect he might like a movie night occasionally too, in-between his studies.

rug-patterns-1Could not sleep last night.  Not sure if it was the 2 hour nap or the pie and ice-cream before bed that did it!  However I was up until 3 AM.  Had productive time of it.  Cleaned my sewing studio upstairs.  It has been a disaster for some months now.  Also prepared new backing and drew Christmas rugs on it.  Twelve more rugs set to go!

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