StarsGetting to the end of the stars.  I have hooked 16 of these now.  Plus I have a number of small star ornaments I have hooked that I am finishing next.

WIP-Tree-C1This is the third Christmas tree I have hooked.  I am still thinking about changing the first one.  Somehow it does not seem right.  I will think on it some more…while I am hooking a polar bear rug. 🙂

Life is full sometimes.  Yesterday morning I tutored a lady in English.  She was originally from Iran.  They are so thankful to be Canadian citizens now.  Her culture centers around large families and big get togethers.  She really misses those.  So after tutoring she invited us to go on a “picnic” in the park for supper with her and her husband.  Let me tell you…Iranians know how to cook!  We had a great feed in the park…:)

The feast! Or some of it.  I missed taking photos of the Iranian dishes.  We ate them fast!  The sausage was deer sausage from a friend.  So delicious! 🙂  And some leftover smokies from a BBQ last weekend.

BBQ-P&B-A1 BBQ-P&B-A2 BBQ-P&B-A3 BBQ-P&B-A5 BBQ-P&B-A6 BBQ-P&B-A7I had no idea Iranians ate hot peppers whole, on their own, raw.  It was a sight to see!  We did not try it. Iranians serve dates with tea at the end of a meal.  Boy!  Is it good!  And follow it up with fruit.

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