chinese-lanternsAfter my morning grocery shop I get to hook all day!  Love it.  Need to catch up on some things.  Working on winter scenes today.  Finishing ornaments (yeah, still haven’t done those).

Winter-fibreHere’s the polar bear.  I think I am finished hooking this one.  I may need to tweak a few loops, but it is basically done.

WIP-Polar-Bear-2Yesterday was a fun day.  I love to cook and now the weather has grown cooler I am back at it.  I tried this lovely Flax Blueberry Muffin and it worked.  Stir in a mug, zap in the microwave 1 – 1 1/2 minutes, and voila!

flax-muffinsHope everyone has a fun and productive day today! 🙂

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