Spent yesterday sewing sleeves on rugs, photographing them, labeling them and generally preparing them for sale.  It took all afternoon.  I also uploaded new photos to my website and my blog.

Connected with one of the stores that sells my work and they want most of my Christmas inventory. 🙂  Looks like I’ll be hooking up a storm for the other store this next month.  And then for myself for Wintergreen. 🙂

Today is clean up time and time to prepare for my class tomorrow.

I’m on a mission to use up the food already in the house.  Tried a new supper last night.  Chicken and Sweet Potato Simmer from Food.com.  Loved the spice!  But my, did I react to something in it!  My boarder wanted to know if I had a cold.  Bless her soul.  Preceded supper with a nice Spinach Strawberry Salad.

Chicken-and-Swt-pot spinach-salad

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