Class-setupHad a successful class on Saturday.

SCC-orderAnd finished sewing sleeves on rugs for sale in Saskatoon.  Still have the ornaments to do.

Dye-records Dye-Day-AYesterday and today are a dye days…and I am going to have to do it when hubby is off work.  This is not a very good plan normally.  However he has a meeting this afternoon.

One of my students I tutor had their car vandalized on the weekend.  That is putting me behind.  They need someone with English to negotiate the landlord, the police, and the insurance company.  Honestly, why would someone want to steal the cover off a side mirror?!

ETA: Life never turns out like you think it will. I left a message with my student’s landlord, talked to the police, and left the insurance company out of it.  Decided not to visit my student today.  A friend called and they are stopping in on their way back from a conference.   I am dyeing fibre…and then preparing for supper and a visit.  I finished the ornaments.  My order for the SCC Boutique is ready to go!  Now to find a box to put it all in…

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