Red WIP-star-18 yellow-and-greenIt’s been a busy day so far.  Hubby and I upgraded to a new TV and DVD player from two TV/DVD/VCR setups from the 90s.  Our new SMART TV is great, as is the Blu-ray player.  However they are hubby’s toys really.  I find I do not have time or the desire to watch TV.  There is just so much else to do in life.  I love exploring new ideas and trying new art techniques.  Anyways, this is all to say we spent some time this morning loading up the car with old electronics to take to the recycling depot.  I am so happy to have my living room back!

Finished rinsing and hanging more fibre to dry.  I dyed yellow yesterday, but did not have time to rinse it or hang it to dry as company came to visit.  So I finished it today. 🙂

Had one of my ESL students in for tutoring this morning.  I showed her my dye job and tried to explain the dyeing process to her in simple English.  If you want to know if you know your stuff, try to explain it to someone who does not speak or understand English very well!

Started another star rugette for sale this fall.  I need to seriously build up some inventory here.  I would like to do some more for Traditions and some for Wintergreen.

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