yarnEver have that frantic feeling of knowing you know something, but forgetting it?!  I have this yarn and I just know it had to have come from one of three stores.  But do you think I can remember which one?  I checked the two online stores with no luck.  Unfortunately the only other store is half a continent away with few of its yarns online.  Sigh.  Maybe I could convince hubby I need a trip to the Maritimes this fall?

It has wool in it and takes acid dyes well.  Look familiar anyone?  I would appreciate knowing the name of it so I can search for it.

WIP-winter-3Well I finished one winter rugette yesterday.  Life conspired to prevent me from finishing another rugette.  Ah well.  Today is another day. 🙂  I’m off to tutor ESL and to work on a small Northern Lights style rugette.  We’ll see how it turns out.


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