Starry-Night-winter Yarn-1I am growing brave to title a post “This WEEK in my studio…”  lol  I normally am lucky to plan a day at a time!

I finished these lovelies yesterday and on the weekend.  I am working on more Christmas rugettes today…and tutoring. 🙂

I am looking forward to a busy week of rug hooking and tutoring in general.  I have four more rugs I would like to hook, at least.  Then there are some on another backing I would like to work on.

I continue the search for fibre for hooking.  Textured yarns in particular.

I have ordered new pencil hooks for my beginner students.  I always like to have a variety of hooks on hand for people to try.  Each person is different and a hook is a very personal thing.  It fits a hand, or it does not.  It feels comfortable to use, or does not.  Having the right hook makes a huge difference to how fast you can hook.

I am hoping to take some time this week and wander outdoors with my camera, looking for fall inspiration.  I love spring and fall times of year.  They are just the right temperature for me, and full of beauty.


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