WIP-Xmas-Tree-4It’s going to seem like that this week!  I have all these Christmas rugs on the make, plus it’s my birthday.  Hubby and I usually ask each other what we want for gifts now we’re older.  This year the need of a cell phone or iPad to accept credit cards at craft shows has surfaced.  I am hoping to pick up an iPad mini with cellular, Square toggle and a data plan to do the job at Wintergreen.  If that does not work, then it will be cell phone time.

Yes, we are in the Dark Ages here.  Neither of us has ever had a cell phone before.  The staff at the local telephone store got a great chuckle out of that, after their initial surprise.  We were tagged as “cell phone virgins” and handed over to a very understanding and dismayed clerk who couldn’t believe us sitting there arguing the merits of cell phone vs. iPad mini, and the cost of the different plans.

We are soooo not ready for cell phones!  But we may be hauled into the modern age kicking and screaming all the way.   There may be no choice with me being in business now.

Hubby is taking this hard.  He is the techno-geek in the family and likes to get first crack at new technology.  The fact I’m the one that needs the cell phone weighs heavily on him.  I suspect this will lead to…you guessed it…two cell phones.   But we’ll have to wait and see.  Stay tuned for the technology wars at JLT Studios! 😆

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