Berries 2

Had a great day yesterday.  I was at a friend’s place to tutor her in the morning.  She decided to make me some GF, DF, SF tortillas instead!  So nice of her.  I learned how they do it in Iran.  Next time she is going to make it at my house using my stove and equipment.  We will see how it turns out.

I came home just before another friend showed up at the door to take me out to lunch.  Gotta love friends like that.  We went to a local fusion cafe .

I came back home and was delighted to see a cheque in my mailbox for some rugettes I hooked that one of the shops sold last month. 🙂  Nice birthday present!

Last evening we went out and bought me an iPad Mini with Square reader for swiping credit cards at craft sales.  Now to try it out! 🙂  As is my usual situation with technology, I am having a hard time getting it up and running.  Who knew I was supposed to remember my Apple password and ID?!  Sigh…

Today I am back at hooking.  I am close to finishing this piece of backing.  Then it will be onto finishing. 🙂  I always love nearing the end of a piece of backing.  I have a real sense of accomplishment when I see all those small rugs in vivid colours stretched out before me. 🙂

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