BBQ-teaThere’s nothing like a nice cup of tea after a warm meal outdoors on a cool autumn evening.  Had a great time with friends last night BBQing food on a more or less traditional Iranian BBQ. 😉

I had a nice break the end of last week and the weekend.  Now it’s time to work.

WIP-Star-20Hooking this small star.  I did not finish the final two stars on the backing this past weekend.  It was just too busy with my birthday and happenings.

This morning I tutored ESL…and this evening our church starts up its ESL program again.  I am one of the teachers.  I am expecting a long distance phone call that will probably be lengthy.  Plus another young lady needs help with her English this afternoon.  That will take some time.  I am hoping, in amidst all that, to finish hooking at least one of the star rugs.  Hope everyone is having a great day! 🙂

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