WIP-Star-20aFinished the third star rugette.  One to go and I am finished the rugs on this backing.  Then it is on to finishing them.

One of my ESL students canceled out Friday, due to a job coming up.  So I will have all day Friday for hooking. 🙂

Today has been fruitful and frustrating by turn.  My ESL student this morning wanted to practice conversation.  We worked through a values exercise and an introduction to the English Phonetic Alphabet.

I hooked for a couple of hours after she left, and then decided it was time to face the piper.  My finances have been a mess for a while.  Especially my business finances.  It was seriously time to do some “paperwork”, only on the computer.  I am using YNAB (You-Need-A-Budget) to track expenses.  I am thinking I may need to switch to Quicken soon…or some other program.  I am going to talk to my accountant about it at the end of the month.  At any rate, I spent about 1 1/2 hours on it today before giving up in frustration.  I just cannot make the program work for me.  At least it has the right amounts in my cash and bank accounts.  Just the budget part is wacky.

It’s a gorgeous day out today and I took my camera for a brief walk. 🙂


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