Here I am lounging around in my pajamas for the next few minutes while I write this post.  Today dawned bright and sunny.  A beautiful day to be outdoors.  I am planning another walk.

Last evening was an expensive disaster.  We live in a 1928 house on shifting clay soil.  We’ve been here 18 years and the house has shifted.  The basement was starting to crack.  So we called in a foundation expert.  They looked it over and said the teleposts needed to be adjusted…for $450.  They came last night to do it.

As they were in the process of adjusting things, they pinched the wires that run from the thermostat to the furnace.  We had a run away furnace we couldn’t get to turn off.  We had to flip the breaker on our electrical panel and call in a heating guy…and pay overtime.

By the time everything was sorted out with the furnace, it was 11 PM and another $612.  BUT we have new and better wires running from the thermostat to the furnace now.  And the heating guy who came checked the heat exchanger of the furnace and said it was good, considering the age of the furnace.  In fact, he let us know the furnace doesn’t owe us anything at this point.  It’s past it’s expected lifespan, but it’s in good shape still.  And he told us if we had a new high efficiency furnace our bill would have been about double.  Interesting.  He also let us know the new high efficiency furnaces cost about $5000.  Something to save up for in the future…

DH and I just sighed and went grocery shopping.  Finally made it home around midnight and crashed.

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