petunia pinkHad a lovely time at a monthly Fibre Night last evening.  Kim Ward from The Wacky Windmill was there selling her fibre and yarn.  Beautiful work!  I picked up some pre-dyed wool for my spinning.  Unfortunately it is the wrong colour.  I will overdye it after I spin it.  Kim does do custom dyeing at the same price as her regular dyeing.  I will be in touch!

Today I will be busy with tutoring, rug hooking, and celebrating hubby’s and my 33rd anniversary.  So delighted and happy my man has stuck by me all these years.  It has not always been easy or fun, but it has certainly been an adventure!  Tonight we celebrate.

Later: 😆  Oh the embarassment!  I went tutoring this morning in my new blazer that I wore last night to Fibre Night (my first time there) and my student asked “What’s that label on your jacket?”  So I’m checking inside for a label she might be talking about.  Her English is not so good.  After a few minutes of searching, pointing, and broken English I finally determined the store TAGS were still hanging from the jacket, UNDER the arm!  Oh my!  What a sight I must have been last night at the meeting! 😆  Oh dear…  Moral of story: always check under the arms for extra tags…

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