WIP-MyrrhA whole new day!  Gotta love it.  Today I am working on rug hooking…ALL DAY!  So much fun!

I spent some time recently talking to a knitter.  We were discussing the merits of knitting versus rug hooking in a jesting manner.  I observed that in knitting a 6″ square one does not receive $50 for their efforts, as I do in rug hooking a 6″ square.  She conceded that was indeed so.  And as the two take about the same time for me, I figure rug hooking is well worth my time and effort.  So even if I did not enjoy it, it’s well worth it for me.  However…I do enjoy it. 🙂  And would do it whether I made money or not.  Earning money is icing on the cake for me.  So I am looking forward to a day where I rug hook items for sale.

I am back working on the second wise man today.  Yesterday I did “Myrrh”.  Today will be “Gold”.  And if I am fortunate enough to have the time I will also work on “Frankincense”.

I also need to get some tags on my other rugs I posted yesterday.  And some ornaments drawn on backing.

I’ll check back later and report progress. 🙂  Have a great day everyone! 🙂


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