Time to finish hooking the ornaments this week.  With luck and concentration I should be able to block them as well and start the process for finishing.

I will mail out the free passes to Wintergreen after Halloween.  I already gave out 60 $1 off coupons to get in for the weekend.  I do not know if they will be used, but I did ask people if they were not going to use them to please pass them onto someone who would.

I also need to get my act in gear and update my portfolio before the sale.

Plus I need to visit the bank to make sure everything is okay with my Square account.

Hmm…I should visit the local wholesale craft store to get a membership so I can buy some bags for Wintergreen, and some wrapping tissue to place around the the rugs when they sell.

I have to start thinking about how I want to set up the booth too.  Time to pull out some graph paper and have at it.

Hmm…lots to do this week…better get at it!

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