WIP-ornaments-1 WIP-Ornaments-2 WIP-ornaments-3Apparently I cannot count.  There are 16 ornaments on this backing.  I am moving too fast!  I finished hooking 13 by last evening.  Today I hope to finish the rest.  I cut the first 8 off and serged edges before blocking and preparing backings for them.  They are all ready to sew together today with my crafting friends.

I have a busy day today.  A friend is over this morning.  I am at crafting this afternoon, and then out to the church for a meeting this evening.  I like busy days in a way.  For some reason it makes me hook faster and more frequently between engagements.  But I sure would not want a steady diet of it!  I also like my quiet “at home” days where I can do some serious planning and executing of those plans.

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