WIP-ornaments10Sorry for the late post folks.  I had a busy day yesterday.  Tutored an ESL student in the morning.  Lately we have been lax.  As I am a volunteer tutor I do not mind that, but she really needs to practice certain aspects of English.  So her tutor came down a bit hard on her.  She even has homework for next week. 🙂

I went for a brief walk to the “new”, renovated Safeway nearby to pick up some things and see if anything was on sale.  Hubby had been up earlier in the morning for milk and reported great sales there.  I, however, did not find much of importance for us on sale.  But I did fit a walk in!

I managed to finish four ornaments totally by Wednesday evening.  And as I was settling down to finish the last two yesterday at noon the doorbell rang.  It was unexpected company.  We visited for over 1 1/2 hours.  I was racing to finish hooking those last two ornaments after she left.

Why?  Because I had my first experience with Holy Yoga lined up for last evening.  It was interesting to say the least!  I mostly watched and talked to people before and after, and concentrated on my breathing.  I have never done yoga before, and certainly not Holy Yoga.  Not sure as I will do it on a regular basis, but I could use the help with flexibility and balance.  I am not getting any younger!

That was my Halloween day and evening folks.  Hope the rest of you enjoyed your day, whatever you were doing, wherever you were. 🙂


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