Winter-stormI woke up to a windy snowy day.  My morning tutoring gig was cancelled.  I spent the last half hour cleaning up my studio.  I am spending the rest of the time today rug hooking and updating my portfolio.

Yesterday I attended the CARFAC workshop on the business side of art.  Laureen Marchand did a great job of giving an overview to the entire subject.  I want to go through my resume or CV with a fine tooth comb and make sure it contains all the relevant information for a rug hooking CV.  I need to revisit my artist statement as well.

Previous to my life as a rug hooker I was a painter, and a stitcher.  While good at both I received nowhere’s the satisfaction from them as I do from rug hooking.  I love handling fibre and I love being able to design and create my own images. 🙂

I decided Holy Yoga is not for me.  My back has finally stopped hurting from doing almost nothing in a restorative yoga class last Thursday.  Sad to say, but I think my back is just more fragile than I think.  The instructor’s disclaimer that mentioned ‘death’ as a side effect of exercise about four times had a bit of an impact too.  Especially when coupled with her pulling me aside and telling me sternly that she really wanted me to think twice before signing the disclaimer.  Sigh…  Back to my DVD exercise programs for the winter!

Here are the finished ornaments, and my rug hooking for today…

WIP-Starry-Nights ornaments

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