Northern-lights-2Yesterday I finished two “Northern Lights” rugettes.

I did manage to update my CV.  My artist statement is beyond hope I’m afraid.  I will have to start from scratch with it.  🙁

Hubby and I did try to deal with the signage issue for Wintergreen on the weekend.  But he was sick, so we did not get very far.  So far we had the idea of creating our own 11″ x 17″ sign on white paper, laminated at Staples.  Then we thought to go to Staples and talk to them.  They will do it all for about $7 CAD.  But they could not read my file on my flash drive.  I had it in Open Office.  Will have to save to Word and take it in again.  It will not be fancy, but it will be a sign.

Stool issue solved for Wintergreen too.  Found one at the church the pastor says I can use.  It’s a bit high for me, but we’ll see.  Last thing I need is to fall off a high stool and break something.  Hazards of being short. 😉  We’ll see whether we can fit the stool in the car with everything else on the day we have to set up the booth.  Though I am curious.  The material for emerging artists says no sitting in chairs, while the booth layout diagrams have places marked “chair”.  Hmm…


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