Winter-6I did not quite make my goal yesterday.  I have the sky of the last winter scene to finish off, then three more ornaments.  I hate wasting backing, and those little ornaments are just the thing to use up the rest of the backing.

I did find out there will be two chairs at my booth.  So no need for a stool. 🙂  I feel a lot safer in a chair than a stool.  Also I am allowed to demonstrate.  If there is room, I will.  We will see how it sets up.  I will take my frame and supplies and see if I can make the booth look presentable with my fibre flying every which way.  I warned hubby this weekend we need to set up a trial booth.  Just to be sure we can fit everything, plus customers, in the booth.

Today is another busy day.  I have tutoring this morning, a ladies group in during the afternoon, and this evening I am reserving for rug hooking.

I tried to move my website from one host to another the other day, and lost everything as far as I can tell.  I did download the files to my computer, but when I uploaded them to the new site the template was gone, along with all the photos.  It is a nightmare!  My computer tech guru is unavailable until the end of the month.  So if anyone wonders where my website has gone, it is down till then.

Hoping everyone has a wonderful day today! 🙂


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