Wintergreen-booth-1 Wintergreen-booth-2 Wintergreen-booth-3Hubby did it!  He listened to the ABI CDs on booth design and merchandising.  😆  I’m impressed.  He deals with customer service all the time, but sales is a bit different than working in a library. 🙂

The photos in this blog post are of my booth set up.  Not entirely sure I like the rug layout on the grid paneling.  I will adjust it at the sale.

The tree is sans decorations except the ornaments.  It will have garlands, an angel topper, and lights for the sale.  Must remember to put an extension cord for the tree lights on my list of things to take.

I finished another tree rugette yesterday.  And strung some popcorn for the tree.  I am kind of coasting this week.  I realize there is no way I am going to finish more rugettes before sale day.  There is just too much going on in my life right now.  I am debating taking orders for work at the sale.

Today I hope to hook at least one more rugette. Possibly two.  We will see.  I also need to string one more popcorn garland for the tree. Plus I need to figure out why my photos are printing huge and fuzzy.  Cannot have that in my portfolio!

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