Wintergreen-boothWintergreen is a blast!  We are selling rugs, I am demonstrating, and we are making new friends.  What more can I ask for?

I finished the texture rugettes and have one more Christmas tree rugette to hook and that piece of backing will be finished. 🙂  Tonight I will cut everything apart and prepare it for finishing, which I might do at the sale or this evening.  We will see…

I demonstrated over 40 times yesterday to groups of 2 or more every time.  It was phenomenal.  A lot of people had never heard of rug hooking or seen it up close.  One or two talked about taking classes after Christmas, but no one signed up.  Oh well.  Means I will have other things to keep me busy then!  I have had inquiries about commissioned pieces as well.  Especially larger pieces.

People are looking through my portfolio at different rugs.  That is good.  But hubby keeps showing them my old rugs.  I do not hook that style anymore.  So after this sale I am going to take the older rugs out of my portfolio.

We could not get WiFi to work on location.  So it is cellular for the rest of the weekend.  Hubby is doing a great job selling my pieces.  He is learning more and more as the weekend goes by.  He has been listening to me describe my pieces.  He is very good with people.

I am taking my digital camera today so I can get some decent photos.  Hubby’s camera and the iPad camera are definitely lacking. 🙁

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