Booth-1 Booth-2 Booth-3 WintergreenWe had a good time at the sale.  We met new people and learned a lot.  We did not do as well as we hoped, but we were able to educate a lot of people about rug hooking.  We are busy building our market right now.

A lot of people were interested in taking classes.  No one signed up, but I made sure to write information on the back of a business card for them to remember details.  One of the other vendors suggested I have a sign saying I offer classes.  A lot of people said “After the New Year”.  We’ll see how many remember and phone.

The show organizers were very pleased to see me demonstrating. I was concerned about that. In some craft shows they do not like demonstrators.  I only had one or two people try it.  It just did not seem the right venue for that.  People were more interested in actually fondling the artwork and watching me make it!  😆

The good news is that Traditions on 13th Ave. has 14 more pieces of mine up for sale.   Now I am finished this sale and I have given rugs to both shops selling my rugs, I am taking a break.  I want time to relax for a bit before working on my piece to submit for Dimensions next year.

Here are the pieces I finished while at the sale.  I have one left to bind and then they are all finished.

Texture-V Texture-VI Texture-VII Tree-5 Tree-7

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