How did I ever manage to let things get in such a mess!  To be honest, I have been busy the last few days, and will be again today.  I am narrowing in on the sunroom studio.  I am debating either a cube storage for yarn, or another bin for plaid storage…or both.  I want to get rid of the cradle in the sunroom.  It takes up too much space.

Yesterday I tutored, went to a meeting at the church, and helped an elderly couple figure out baggage restrictions for an international flight…which necessitated going to the airport and actually talking to people at the ticket counter.   Today I have company, a crafting group, and a meeting to attend.

I received my package from Deanne Fitzpatrick’s Rug Hooking Studio.  Happy to have backing to hook on again. 🙂  I still prefer to hook my own fibers.  So I will be spinning and hitting the dye pots again soon.  I find my preferred colour palette is much brighter and more intense than Deanne’s.

Also received a BBC DVD called “How Art Made the World”.  It is an interesting look at art history I think.  Not sure I agree with everything said in it, but it is interesting none-the-less.  Art history and history in general have me a bit jaundiced.  They are usually told from the perspective of the victor or survivor and with a backwards lense focused on the past.  Not the best for accuracy and understanding.  Still, it is what it is, and it is an interesting look at history, as I said.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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