Blood-Red-singleWho would have thought it would take this long to get things tidied up?!  I am a bit short on space.  Had to bring down some Christmas decorations yesterday and they are, guess where?  Yep.  The sunroom.  Hubby and I are actually going to decorate early…this weekend.

I posted the cradle for sale on Kijiji yesterday.  Hope to hear from someone soon about it.  Meanwhile…it’s in the sunroom.  It’s starting to look like a storage room!

Been busy spinning “Blood Red”.  It’s looking good! 🙂  Need to buy some oil for my spinning wheel and give it a thorough cleaning and oiling.

Now my sales are over it is time to buy materials and supplies for next year!  I was busy putting in orders yesterday. 🙂  Lots of good stuff coming my way.

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