Hubby is taking a day off work today, so I do not expect to accomplish much. 🙂

  • I have been doing some planning for next year, and printing off requirements for entries into various future shows.
  • Today we are going to decorate for Christmas, and hopefully reduce the Christmas clutter in my studio.
  • I also am going to have the cradle taken apart and removed from the studio.  That should open up the space marvellously!
  • I am also sorting through my strips and bits and pieces and organizing them into bags according to colour family.
  • That and more spinning is on the plan for today.  I want to finish the singles for my Blood Red yarn by tonight. 🙂  I am on the second bobbin now.


  • Decorating done
  • Cradle broken down and in the garbage…it was beyond redemption.  We found the crossbar had cracked in several places, making it unsafe for an infant or anything else really.
  • I finished plying the singles.
  • Printed off the applications to shows/exhibits.


  • Phoned a friend who needs some of my stuff I am more than happy to unload.  Found out she could use a couple other things I am willing to unload.  Had to phone someone else to arrange pick up and delivery.  They were coming to town anyways.
  • Contacted an ESL student about all her stuff at my house.  I was trying to sell it online for her but it has not sold as hoped.  Determined it all is going to charity.  So organized that.  Won’t happen till later this week, but it will be out of my house by Dec. 1st! 🙂  Said student was over here going through her stuff seeing what she wanted back.  😆  Funny how that happens sometimes.  You think you don’t want something and then get rid of it and wished you hadn’t.
  • Connecting up with some ESL teachers I know about finding resources to send overseas to help a couple of children learn English.

My house is beginning to look neater… 🙂

Christmas-Tree-2013 sorting-strips

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