Blood-Red-yarnFor taking a month off this week is turning out to be busy.  I have two tutoring sessions.  I canceled the other two.  Plus I have the ESL group at the church.  And my computer/web guru is hopefully going to come help me sort out my website mess.  Plus there is crafting, to which I will take my spinning.  And a couple of meetings with friends and at the church.  Plus an art opening…and choir practice.

Hmm…looks busy and I haven’t even squeezed in my business activities!

My official “to do” list?

  • Finish reading The Business of Art by Caplin,
  • Finish printing off the “Wild with Style” and “Hooking People” course notes,
  • Rewrite my artist statement,
  • Fix my portfolio (take out the old style rugs and put them in a different portfolio),
  • Buy some oil for my spinning wheel,
  • Email one of the shops about renewing my contract,
  • Update SCC membership page photos,
  • Go shopping for fibre to hook in the thrift stores,
  • Finish sorting wool strips,
  • Go to Traditions with camera in hand and take a photo of my ornaments on their tree,
  • Check into some photography links my darling daughter sent me.  I’m trying to improve my photography skills. 🙂
  • Finish spinning the natural Blue Faced Leicester wool I started yesterday.


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