Xmas-ornament-2Yesterday was productive.

I finished printing off “Wild With Style” and “Hooking People”. Now to find a binder big enough for them.

I found out I did not need to renew my contract.  It is an ongoing contract whereby I just give a month’s notice to cancel.  Sounds good to me. 🙂  I reviewed my other contract also.

I emailed new photos to the SCC membership page coordinator.  Unfortunately it came back “Mail undeliverable” because said person’s mailbox was full. Hmm…will wait a few days and then try again.

Organized a time to shop this week.  I may talk to hubby about using the car one day.  I suspect I have more than one day’s worth of shopping to do.

Went to Traditions, camera in hand, and managed a couple of photos of my ornaments on a white Christmas tree.  They really stand out!

I finished sorting my worms, or wool/fibre strips into colour groups.

I am on the second bobbin of BFL (Blue Faced Leicester) singles from Fleece Artist.  This will make gorgeous yarn…again. 🙂  I went through my fibre stash and pulled out the next fibres I want to spin.  I am hoping they can be used for rug hooking.  If not, one is light coloured and can be over-dyed into something usable.

What’s left on my list for Tackle it Tuesday?

  • Read The Business of Art by Caplin,
  • Rewrite my artist statement,
  • Fix my portfolio (take out the old style rugs and put them in a different portfolio),
  • Check into some photography links my darling daughter sent me.  I’m trying to improve my photography skills. :)
  • Finish spinning the natural Blue Faced Leicester wool I started yesterday.
  • Work on my website and get it back up and running!
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