candlesOkay, so Tuesday did not turn out as planned.  I spent a lot of time running around town picking up educational material for some children in Turkey.  Then their grandparents said the parents wanted something else.  By the time that all got sorted out I was frustrated and angry, and not in the mood to do much else.

I did have my computer guru over to help me with my website.  It’s almost back up and running.  Still need to get all the images uploaded.  There’s a lot!

I did spin more singles of the Fleece Artist BFL, but I did not finish it.  Will work on that this afternoon.

Tried to find 20/30 oil for my spinning wheel and determined there is no such thing!  At least not at Canadian Tire.  I accosted a stranger in the oil aisle and started asking him questions about oil.  He had no idea what to use on a spinning wheel, not surprisingly.  I’m thinking the lady who told me about “20/30” meant 10W30.  But I will have to wait till hubby has some time and chat him up about it.  He is very busy this week.

I browsed through “The Business of Art” by Caplin.  It is an American book with little relevance to Canada.  Our laws and regulations are different.  I skipped ahead quite a bit.

Today I have a friend coming over in the morning, crafting in the afternoon, and I will have the evening to work on the following:

  • spin some BFL
  • read some of “The Business of Art”
  • work on my artist statement
  • check those photography links from my daughter

Hopefully I will be able to get the above done!


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