the-haulI managed quite a haul at the thrift stores yesterday.  There is not as much wool and silk as there used to be, but there is enough.  Between my friend’s senior discount at one thrift store and my 30% off at the other thrift store, we did okay.  There are four silk shirts, four wool skirts (one a mix of silk and wool), two blazers (one wool, one cashmere), a black silk dress, and two wool blankets (one a nice natural colour for dyeing).  Total cost around $50 CAD.

I turned down one drop dead gorgeous silk dress with fancy goldwork embroidery and beadwork on the front.  It just seemed criminal to cut into it.  It had a fine linen lining.  Beautiful work.  It looked like it was from India.

After my finds of the day I went to have my hair cut.  I was delighted that the owner of one of the shops I sell my work at had been in before me, talking up my work with the hairdresser.   I encouraged the hairdresser to visit the store and take a look at what was available for sale there – not just my own work, but other people’s too.  Hopefully she will.

Today’s schedule is a bit hectic.  I will be helping a friend, spinning more yarn, and generally working on that “to do” list from the beginning of the week.  I have a feeling I will be carrying a few things over to next week. 🙂


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