Looks like I will be wrapping things up for the weekend.  I have a lot of running around to do today.  I want to finish spinning the second bobbin of singles of the multi-coloured fibre I have on my wheel right now.  I am washing the wool and silk I bought Thursday.  Other than that I have meetings and errands.  It will be a busy day.  Not much time in my studio.

Update:  I had a very busy day.  Returned educational material to stores this morning.  Apparently they were not needed after all.  Met with a financial planner about hubby’s impending retirement.  Went grocery shopping.  Did laundry.  Donated a carload of goods to a local thrift store.  Met my daughter’s mother-in-law and had a nice chat.  Finished spinning and plying the multi-coloured singles.  Also finished processing them.  They are hanging to dry right now.   Spent time at the church working an event this evening.  And spent some time with hubby watching a TV drama we both like.

A full and productive day.



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