To-DoYesterday was so much fun. 🙂  I met a new ESL student I will be tutoring Monday and Friday mornings.  She is super sweet and shy. I am limiting this lady to 1 hour lessons.  I find longer lessons are hard on both myself and my student.  It is as difficult for me to listen to their accent as it is for them to listen to me.  I prepared lessons for the next couple of weeks last evening.

Yesterday afternoon I devoted to church work.  I love doing things for the church.  Every year we have an event called “Scenes of Wonder”.  This year I worked two shifts.  We  gathered nativity sets from our friends, neighbors, businesses, etc., and one lady set them up in a beautiful display in the church hall.  We provided home-baked goodies, tea, and mulled cider.  Admission was a donation to the local food bank.  It feels good to have fun and support a worthy cause at the same time.

But the best part for me was going shopping with my friend afterwards.  Okay folks.  I admit it.  I love shopping…as long as it’s not for me.  I am incredibly picky and easily frustrated when I shop for myself.  But give me a mission and someone else to shop for and it’s a blast!  Yesterday I shopped for our adopted family from the Adopt-A-Family program the Salvation Army runs.  And I shopped for some socks for homeless men who frequent the Saskatoon Native Circle Ministry.  And I shopped for a gift for some good friends of ours.  Mission Accomplished on all fronts!

Today will be a good day.  🙂  I had a student this morning and we assessed where she is at with her English and where she wants to go.  She moved from Level 1-2 when I first met her a year ago to Level 6-7.  She took advantage of all the free English courses she could find in town, and my tutoring.  Her hard work is paying off.

This afternoon is clear sailing to get some things done.  I will work on spinning and business related activities the rest of the day.  Maybe even fit in some reading. 🙂  I have my computer guru coming over to help with my website.  So expect some changes there.

I hope everyone has a great day!

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