I was out mailing Christmas cards this morning.  A friend was over and I was looking for thank-you cards for her.  I thought I had a lot to use up.  Turns out I cannot find them.  But in the process of finding them I found another box of Christmas cards!  We have plenty of cards now. 🙂

Still spinning the pastel singles.  This wool seems to want to spin finer than the BFL.  I might be Merino.  It is beautiful.  I can hardly wait to see what it looks like plied into yarn.

My computer guru was over yesterday and straightened up my website for me.  She showed me how to load images.  I will exchange computer know-how for editing her thesis.  English is not her native language and she needs help with her thesis before it goes to print.

Today will  be more spinning.  I am trying valiantly to finish this pastel yarn.  I received more wool and linen backing in the mail today.  I am looking forward to getting into the dye pots again. 🙂

But first I need to do a little bit of Christmas shopping.  Hubby and I need to sit down and have a discussion about how we’re going to handle things this year.  He likes to shop Dec. 24th, and I actually would prefer to do it much earlier in the year.  Our compromise is to start the beginning of December!

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