Pastel-plied-1 Pastel-plied-2Today I finished spinning the second bobbin of singles.  Now it’s onto plying.  I finished one skein and am taking a break before doing more.  Once I’ve plied the second skein I have more roving to spin into singles.  This stuff is never-ending!

Had a great ESL tutoring session this morning.  I push this student because she is so good and learns quickly.  She is frustrated with her lack of vocabulary.  Today I stretched her.  We used and I encouraged her to work through the site on her own at home.  I know she will share the site with her husband.  I love it when I tutor one and another learns too.  The domino effect in action. 🙂

Well, it is time to regroup here.  I seem to have lost focus this week.  This pastel yarn is taking a lot longer to spin than I thought it would.  It will look nice over-dyed.  I’m thinking a nice red over-dye for a variegated poppy colour.

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